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How to Reduce Cost with OEM & ODE Photo Etching Companies?

Using ultra-violet light on a sheet of metal to permanently fix an image on it is called photo etching. In photochemical etching, the chemical etching manufacturer goes one step further to etch the shape in the metal permanently by removing more material on the sides to leave the shape alone.

As such, photo etching allows the formation of precise metal equipment and structures. Intricate parts can be products using the photochemical etching process, with tolerances to a minimum of +/- 0.01mm. These tolerances cannot be achieved with other metal cutting processes such as die-cutting, stamping, water-jet cutting, laser cutting, punching, etc. Therefore, delicate, and precise metal parts are constructed using photo etching methods.

What is OEM and ODM Services in Photo Etching

An OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturing chemical etching manufacturer is a firm that produces different photo-etched metals which work as components and inputs for the production process of other companies. The client company uses these photo-etched metals to produce their final products, which are then usable by the end consumer. To provide quality photo etching services, the chemical etching manufacturer needs to work closely with the client company to develop the equipment based on their requirements. Generally, OEM services are focused on business-to-business sales. In OEM photo etching services, the products are fully designed by one firm, after which they are licensed to another firm for production. Here, the designer has complete rights over the product design. However, the products are extremely focused on the requirements of one or a very few clients.

On the other hand, the original design manufacturing or ODM services involve photo etching of equipment based on the vision and idea of the manufacturer. Here, instead of working with each client firm, the chemical etching manufacturer focuses on different design ideas and develops generic products to be used throughout the industry. The focus is to create products that most other businesses require without working individually with one business. Once the products have been manufactured, they are sold generically throughout the market to any customer business that may require those products. There are many advantages of original design manufacturing as they reduce the need to create separate products for each client.

Similarly, expenses for the chemical etching manufacturer can be reduced with a generic product standard. However, differentiating products from the competition can be an issue. Although the start-up capital requirements are lower, the marketing expenses of such services are higher to ensure that consumers can prefer one company’s products over the other.

Process of OEM and ODM Service for Photo Etching

The process of OEM and ODM differ from each other in the photo etching market. First, the requirements of the consumer are considered in detail. The photo etching company works closely with the end client to understand the size and other functional requirements of the OEM products. After such, the photo etching company will focus on replacing the original product that the client was using originally. Thus, all measurements and size requirements will match the original products. The photo etching company makes a prototype for the client to check before making the required number of products.

On the other hand, ODM services start with an initial inquiry of the product requirements and the planning and development of a design concept similar to what the market offers, but with some changes to make it unique for the chemical etching manufacturer. Pre-production, laboratory-based sample is developed next. After testing the requirements in a laboratory environment, the trial production sample is created with a line-test methodology. After this process, the aging test is conducted to check the longevity of the metal product. Once all these steps are completed, the original design product is then mass-productive by the photo etching service provider until the required number is achieved.

Why Should Customer Consider OEM and ODM Service?

1. Free Samples

In both ODM and OEM services, customers are likely to receive free samples or prototypes before buying the final product. This way, they can check the quality of the photochemical etching services and if the product would meet their requirements before making the purchase.

2. Customization

Product customization is possible in both services to varying extents. Therefore, the customer could

check a product made that fits their exact requirements without compromising on the quality of the photo etching service.

3. Advanced Treatment

Both services ensure that the final product has been treated with advanced methods of photo etching. Therefore, the quality of the final product is optimal and highly durable. Similarly, customers may ask the chemical etching manufacturer to ensure advanced treatment of certain types of products.

4. One-Stop Solution

With both OEM and ODM services offered, the customer can get their photo etching requirements met by the same company. They don’t have to consider alternatives or waste time finding two different providers whose services can be synchronized.

5. Fast Services

Usually, ODM photo etching services are faster than OEM services. Additionally, the time and monetary requirements on research and development are lower as well. Similarly, the client company does not have to pay for any equipment required in the manufacturing process. The photo etching service provider manages those things.

6. OEM services Benefits

Some specific benefits of OEM services include high product quality and a great return on investment. Additionally, the customer can receive a dedicated response from the service provider as well.

TMN Etch offers higher quality ODM and OEM photo etching services to meet every client’s exact needs and requirements. With a prime focus on client satisfaction, mature quality systems are always maintained. Furthermore, the firm has a high capacity and has intensive field experience in photo etching services. Contact us today and get the best photo etching products based on your requirements.

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