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Custom speaker grilles

Custom speaker grilles

As a global leader in custom speaker grille solutions, TMN provides high-quality, aesthetically pleasing speaker components for markets including Thailand, Vietnam, Europe, and the United States. Whether for consumer electronics, automotive interiors, or indoor applications, we offer the best solutions to meet your needs.

Speaker grilles and covers: Customizable shapes

Speaker grills and covers come in various shapes, influenced by design requirements, product types, and manufacturing techniques. With years of custom service experience, TMN provides optimal solutions for different needs. Here are the shapes of speaker grills and covers that TMN can produce:

Rectangular speaker cover

Square or Rectangle

One of the most common shapes, practical and versatile, suitable for various speaker and cover designs.

round speaker cover


Circular grills and covers are common, particularly when emphasizing fluidity and simplicity in design.

Oval speaker grille


Sometimes, elliptical designs better accommodate specific spaces or aesthetic requirements.

Irregular shaped speaker grille

Irregular Shapes

In unique designs, irregularly shaped grills and covers may be used to create a distinctive appearance.

More metal shape grilles


Shapes like pentagons or hexagons, often found in modern or abstract-styled products.

Polygonal Metal Shape Grille

Other Special Shapes

Specific shapes may arise based on the creativity and requirements of product designers, leading to highly personalized designs.

Advantages of TMN Custom Metal Speaker Grilles

TMN has over ten years of experience in manufacturing metal speaker grilles, making us highly professional in providing custom services. We own a three-story etching building with a floor area exceeding 4,000 square meters, equipped with five fully automated photochemical etching production lines, each 39 meters long. We offer a comprehensive service that includes consultation, order placement, production, quality inspection, and delivery, eliminating middlemen and saving costs.

With our five fully automated photochemical etching production lines, we can produce in large quantities, significantly shortening the production cycle and enabling quick turnover of your funds. Additionally, we provide a range of secondary processing services, including "Metal Laser Cutting," "Bending," "Polishing," "Painting Colors," and "Plating."

Our metal speaker grilles are currently exported to various countries worldwide, including the United States, Germany, Israel, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand. TMN has extensive experience in arranging delivery and preparing relevant documents and COC certificates for customs clearance and import inspection.
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Process advantages

High Precision

Photolithography technology can achieve extremely high precision and detail, allowing the speaker grille holes and shapes to be very fine. TMN achieves tolerances within 0.03mm, meeting design requirements.

Consistency and Repeatability

Photolithography ensures the consistency and repeatability of each grille, guaranteeing uniform quality and performance of the products.

Applicable to Virtually Any Metal

Photolithography can process various metal materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, and copper alloys. TMN offers a variety of metal materials that can be selected and customized according to specific needs.

Reduced Acoustic Interference

By precisely controlling the grille hole size and layout, grilles made with photolithography can minimize interference with sound waves, enhancing sound clarity and quality.

Easy Surface Treatment

The metal surfaces after etching are smooth, allowing for further treatments such as plating, painting, or other surface finishes to enhance corrosion resistance, aesthetics, and durability.

Short Lead Time

High-volume and efficient production with short delivery time. When the quantity is small, it only takes a few days to speed up product delivery and recover funds faster.

TMN customizable metal speaker grille types

Automotive Interior Speakers

Metal speaker grilles play a crucial role in automotive interiors, providing passengers with a high-quality audio experience. Whether in luxury sedans or off-road vehicles, these precisely manufactured speaker grilles enhance the luxurious feel of the in-car audio system.

Digital Audio Equipment

From headphones to home audio systems, and even smart speakers and laptops, metal speaker grilles are omnipresent. Their precision manufacturing ensures high-fidelity sound quality, allowing users to enjoy clear and lifelike audio across different devices.

Indoor Applications

In bars, KTVs, concert halls, and dance venues, metal speaker grilles provide robust protection for audio systems while also serving as visual highlights, injecting dynamism and vitality into the atmosphere.

TMN-produced speaker grilles and covers exude unique charm in any setting, delivering richer and more immersive music and audio experiences for users.

Automotive Interior Speakers
Smart audio speaker cover
Metal speaker grille

Sample of speaker grilles

color coating speaker grille with brand logo
customized design speaker grille
aluminium speaker grille
Logo branded speaker grille
customized design speaker grille
color coating speaker grille with brand logo
car speaker grill Covers
subwoofer grille

Etched Speaker Grille VS Traditional Speaker Grille Processing

Traditional Speaker Grille Processing

Traditionally, speaker grilles are manufactured using conventional methods such as stamping or punching. Stamping has been favored for its ability to handle large-scale production. However, it can negatively impact the aesthetic properties of speaker grilles, leading to issues like burrs, stress, scratches, and other component deformations.

Etched Speaker Grille

Etched speaker grilles offer significant advantages over traditional methods like stamping or punching. Through chemical etching, they achieve precise designs without compromising aesthetics. Unlike stamped grilles, etched ones are burr-free, stress-free, and scratch-free, ensuring flawless finishes. Etching also allows for customizable patterns and logos, enhancing visual appeal. Moreover, it's highly scalable and cost-effective, suitable for both small and large-scale production.

Should I put grills on my speakers?

Yes, you should put grills on your speakers for several reasons:

Enhanced Appearance:

They contribute to a sleek and stylish design, elevating the aesthetic appeal of your speakers.

Safety and Protection:

Grilles provide a layer of protection, safeguarding your speakers against potential damage and wear, ensuring longevity.

Sound Transmission:

While offering protection, grilles allow sound to pass through seamlessly, preserving the quality of audio output without compromising performance.

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