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What's the characteristics of nickel materal ?

  1. Nickel is a silver-white metal with good mechanical strength and ductility. It is insoluble in water and has strong corrosion resistance to acids and alkalis, but it is easily soluble in dilute nitric acid and aqua regia. High-temperature resistance, melting point 1455 °C, boiling point 2730 °C. The density is 8.902g/cm³.
  2. Nickel can create a dense oxide film that can be formed on the surface of itself. The color becomes black, which can prevent the body metal from continuing to oxidize.
  3. Nickel is a ferromagnetic material with low chemical activity, strong-corrosion resistance, high strength, good toughness, and excellent processing performance
Precision Bluetooth Module Nickel Silver EMI Shielding Frame-520-521

Benefits of Etching Stainless Steel

Lower difficulty and cost

The nickel parts with complex shapes can be processed easily, such as a very thin nickel gride is a very typical example. Through the use of etching technology, the difficulty of forming and processing costs can be reduced.

Stable physical properties

Nickel etching process will not change the physical properties of metal materials such as hardness, strength, and formability.

Ensure the integrity of materials

Nickel metal materials are easy to break during the stamping process.  They are easy to produce curling burrs, which affect the assembly of the product, and nickel etching can ensure that these materials are intact.

High Precision

If your nickel components are very thin (thickness between 0.03mm-1mm), using other processes may cause components deformation. However, nickel etching can ensure that the components are not deformed. Generally, the thinner the nickel components, the higher the precision.

Applications of Nickel Etching

nickel chemical etching

etched nicek gride

nickel filter disk

nickel filter disk

etched nickel sheet with tags

etched nickel sheet with tags

0.5mm customized nickel sheet

0.5mm customized nickel sheet

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