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Custom Mesh Filter With Photo Chemical Etching

Filter plays a crucial role in the industrial,food and medical ,petrolem and chemical industrial field. Mesh filter etching improved the equipment quality and enhanced filtration with customized solutions and tremendous flexibility to design challenges. And also the mesh filters made by photo chemical etching are stronger, more durable, less blinding holes and higher quality filtration.

Metal Grades For Mesh Filter

304 Stainless Steel

316 Stainless Steel


Haynes or Hastalloy materials

Elephant Brand Steel Wool


Mesh Filter Applications

1、Demister and Oil Separation Devices
2、Precision Filtration
3、Household Juicer
4、Purify Wastewater and Remove Contaminants
5、Pull Water From Laundry in Washing Machines
6、Insect and Dust Prevention Equipment
7、Isolate Blood Cells and Plasma
8、Precision Screen

Samples of Mesh Filter

We are able to provide various types of filters with mesh filter etching process to meet the requirements of different industries for filter size and thickness.

0.02mm micro hole filter

0.02mm micro hole filter

ultra-thin mesh filter

ultra-thin mesh filter

juice mesh filter

juice mesh filter

0.03mm thick micro hole mesh filter

0.03mm thick micro hole mesh filter

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