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main application of copper etching

  1. Crafts,Christmas trees and houses ,decorated metal sheets
  2. Hobby model parts,tank ,ship,tower,car model parts
  3. Semiconductor packaging frame lead frame
  4. VCM spring.
  5. Module parts , mobile phone ,ipad and camera module.
chemical etching copper

how to protect the surface of copper etching parts to be oxidized ?

  1. polishiing the surface.
  2. Plating ,nicke plating ,tin plating ,silver plating ,gold plating.
  3. Coating paint and oil with different colors.
  4. Surface passivation.
  5. Coating organic film that easy to take off.

Benefits of Etching Copper

No burrs ,pressure points and gaps

No burrs ,pressure points and gaps .The thickness of copper is 0.03mm ,0.04mm and 0.05mm are widely used in VCM spring production .

Stable structure and properties

The copper parts are not easy to deformed and the surfaces are free of oxidation

Excellent Elasticity

The high nickel and tin-containing copper alloy materials have excellent elasticity exceeding that of beryllium bronze and can be used as the base belt of composite strips

Applications of Copper Etching

Voice Coil Motor

Voice Coil Motor

copper thermal parts

copper thermal parts

lead frame for semiconductor

lead frame for semiconductor

chemical etching copper

copper contacts & springs

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