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TMN Etch has been specialized in photochemical etching (PCE) field since 2011,Photo Chemical etching is a precision process of using a strong chemicasolution create the desired desians on the flat sheet of metal.TMN is an ISO 9001:2015 certified factory,there are more than 100 well-experenced workers ,and 4 full automatic etching machines with 20 meters long ,and some other supportive automatic production equipments ,such as coating machines ,explosure machines,developinng machines ,19 sets in total.

TMN Etch has worked with companies all over the world to create custom parts to meet their needs, which has enough experiences to deal with different kinds of importing things .TMN Etch can rapidly produce the complex components needed for your next project within 3 days. The etched metal parts and plates can be used for components in new energy,electronic, medical, aerospace, small appliance, semi-conductor and other industries.

After photo chemical etching process finished in TMN factory,some other secondary manufacturing processes can be supplied to finish your whole products ,for example, electronic plating ,color surface coating ,bright polishing ,bending ,laser cutting ,stamping ,forming and so on.

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Photo Etching
Stainless Steel Etching
Aluminium Etching
Titanium Etching
Copper Etching
Nickel Etching
Beryllium etching
Beryllium etching
Molybdenum etching
Molybdenum etching

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Precise engineering
Art Deco


Bipolar Plates
metal strainer
Vapor Chamber
speaker grilles
Metal Engraving
Model Parts
PCB shielding tank
Lead Frame
Encoder Disk
Flat Springs
Flat Springs
Using metal chemical etching technology to produce nameplates offers advantages such as finely engraved lettering and designs, durability and stability, personalized customization, a variety of material options, and wide-ranging applications. These nameplates can serve purposes such as identification, commemoration, gifts, and more, holding significant practical and decorative value.
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