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Established in 2011, TMN Etch specializes in photo chemical etching (PCE), offering customized precision metal parts to global companies. Our expertise lies in utilizing the photo chemical etching process across a diverse range of raw materials, including stainless steel 300 series, brass alloy, copper alloy, aluminum, chrome, and other special metal alloys.

With our advanced photo chemical etching technology, TMN Etch ensures rapid prototyping tailored to your specifications, delivering prototypes based on your drawings within a remarkable 3-day timeframe and without incurring any tooling costs. Moreover, you retain the flexibility to modify your designs at your convenience.

At TMN Etch, we pledge to provide free samples, shorter lead times, tighter tolerances, higher precision, and cost-effective solutions for high-volume production. These commitments underscore our dedication to delivering exceptional quality and service to our valued clients.

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Beryllium etching
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Molybdenum etching

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Bipolar Plates
metal strainer
Vapor Chamber
speaker grilles
Metal Engraving
Model Parts
PCB shielding tank
Lead Frame
Encoder Disk
Flat Springs
Flat Springs
Using metal chemical etching technology to produce nameplates offers advantages such as finely engraved lettering and designs, durability and stability, personalized customization, a variety of material options, and wide-ranging applications. These nameplates can serve purposes such as identification, commemoration, gifts, and more, holding significant practical and decorative value.
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