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An encoder disk plays a crucial role in sensing device used to enable control systems to identify motion, position, speed, direction, or count,it is widely used for printed circuit boards, optical components, or magnetic devices,rotary encoder disk and optical encoder disk are the main two common types.

Benefits of Photo Chemical Etching

Thinner solt can be etched ,it is 1.1 times of the raw material thickness.

Opennies can be same as the thickness of the raw materials

No burrs and extra stress during the photo etching process ,keep the same flatness as before .

High precision with a small tolerance

Metal Grades For Encoder Disk

Spring Steel

Stainless Steel Seres

Copper ,Beryllium Copper

Phosphor Bronze

Brass ,Pure Brass

Brass Alloy

Encoder Disk Applications


Aerospace and military: Radar system , aircraft throttle/thrust systems, instrumentation, and more in extreme environments.


Medical equipment : Optical instruments ,surgical robots devices, radiation systems, lasers equipments, and magnetic resonance imaging.


Electronic equipment : Printers devices, computer mice, cutting devices, labeling machines, and industrial controls equipments.

Sample of Encoder Disk

optical encoder disk
rotary encoder disk
customized encoder disk
0.08mm slot encoder disk

optical encoder disk

rotary encoder disk

customized encoder disk

0.08mm slot encoder disk

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