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Photo Etched Model parts

photo etched model parts

Photo Etched Model Parts

TMN has years of experience in the photo etching industry. Whatever type of etching model parts you need customized, we can provide you with the best solutions to meet your requirements.

Learn about photo etched model parts

Photo etched model parts are intricately detailed metal components created through photochemical etching, a process that selectively removes metal from a thin sheet using light-sensitive masks and chemical solutions. By exposing the metal sheet to light through a mask with the desired shape, the exposed areas undergo a chemical reaction, leaving behind the intricate parts while removing the unwanted metal. This method allows for the production of highly precise and detailed model parts with complex designs, making it an efficient and effective technique for creating miniature gears, delicate filigree patterns, and other intricate components.

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Why choose photo etched model parts

Advantages of metal materials

For model parts, metal materials offer more advantages compared to other materials. Let's compare them in detail:

Durability and Strength

Photo etched model parts, especially those made from metals like copper, exhibit exceptional durability and strength compared to materials like plastic or resin.

Fine Detailing

Metal photo etching allows for intricate detailing with precision, offering finer and more accurate features than molding or machining methods.

Scale Accuracy

With precise chemical etching processes, photo etched model parts achieve unparalleled scale accuracy, ensuring faithful representation of the original design.

Surface Finish

Metal photo etching produces parts with smooth and uniform surface finishes, enhancing the overall appearance and realism of the model.


Copper, the primary metal used in photo etching, offers versatility in terms of compatibility with various finishing techniques such as plating, painting, and enameling, allowing for customization and personalization.


Compared to solid metal parts, photo etched model parts offer significant weight reduction, making them ideal for lightweight and portable models without compromising durability.

Choose photo etched model parts for your next project and elevate the quality and realism of your models.

This is a customized brass photo-etched model part sample based on the drawings provided by the customer
This is a customized brass photo-etched model part sample based on the drawings provided by the customer
This is a customized brass photo-etched model part sample based on the drawings provided by the customer

Process advantages

When it comes to creating intricate and detailed model parts, photo etching stands out as a premier manufacturing process, particularly when compared to alternative methods. Here's why choosing photo etched model parts, especially those crafted through TMN's advanced photochemical etching process, offers numerous advantages:

Precision and Accuracy

TMN's photochemical etching process ensures unparalleled precision and accuracy in reproducing intricate details and precise measurements on model parts.

Complexity and Intricacy

Photo etching allows for the production of highly complex and intricate model parts with ease, surpassing the limitations of traditional machining or molding techniques.

Cost Efficiency

With efficient material utilization and streamlined production processes, photo etched model parts offer significant cost savings compared to methods like CNC machining or injection molding.

Scalability and Lead Times

TMN's photochemical etching process enables rapid scalability and short lead times, ensuring timely delivery of model parts even for large production volumes.

Integration of Features

Photo etching allows for the integration of multiple features, such as perforations, embossing, and texturing, into a single model part, enhancing its functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Non-Contact Process

Unlike traditional machining methods that involve physical contact with the material, photochemical etching is a non-contact process, minimizing the risk of distortion or damage to delicate features.

Choose photo etched model parts crafted through TMN's precision photochemical etching process for unmatched precision, complexity, cost efficiency, scalability, and overall quality.

Customizable photo-etched model parts types

Unlock endless possibilities for custom 3D metal models with TMN's advanced chemical etching process. From transportation vehicles to intricate characters, our technology allows for the creation of a wide range of shapes and designs. Explore the diverse categories of adult 3D metal models achievable through our process:

Transportation Vehicles

From cars and motorcycles to airplanes and trains, TMN's chemical etching process can fabricate intricately detailed models of various transportation modes.

Buildings and Structures

Create miniature replicas of architectural landmarks, skyscrapers, bridges, and other iconic structures with precision and accuracy.

Machinery and Equipment

Craft detailed models of machinery, engines, tools, and industrial equipment, showcasing intricate mechanical components and assemblies.

Animals and Biology

Capture the beauty of nature with lifelike models of animals, plants, and biological structures, reflecting intricate details and anatomical accuracy.

Characters and Figures

Bring your favorite characters, superheroes, and personalities to life with finely crafted metal models, highlighting intricate features and expressions.

Custom Designs

Express your creativity with custom-designed 3D metal models tailored to your specific ideas, themes, or requirements, ensuring unique and personalized creations.

Experience the versatility and precision of TMN's chemical etching process for crafting exquisite 3D metal models across a wide range of categories.

Photo etched model parts samples

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