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Stainless Steel Etching

Stainless steel etching refers to corrode the stainless steel sheet with chemical way,using the strong oxidizing property of ferric chloride to etch out various kinds of shapes and patterns.According to the usage can be divided into half etching and etching through with different depth and degree.The main principle of photo chemical etching of stainless steel is to cover the areas that do not need to be corroded with photosensitive ink, and expose the areas that need to be corroded, and use chemical solutions to corrode the unnecessary parts.

metal etching stainless steel

The basic process of stainless steel etching

  1.  Pre-treatment of raw materials ,including degreasing ,polishing,wire drawing .
  2.  Redesign the stainless steel plate according to the requirements of customers,including expose the corrosive area and protect the non-corrosive area .
  3. Etching process ,using the strong oxidizing property of ferric chloride to etch out various kinds of shapes and patterns
  4. Remove the version ,remove the photosensitive film of non-corrosive area.
  5. Last process ,clean the sheet and cover some protective film to protect the stainless steel sheet.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Etching

High productivity

High productivity, once the film is finished, it can be reused for mass production serveral times, mass production can be completed in a few hours.

Go-To Process

Half-etching and etching through can be finished in one sheet ,it is easy to add logo and some other special shapes .

Freely customize

Almost all metals with different structures and thickenss can be etched, and there are no restrictions on various pattern designs.

No burrs and pressure points

No burrs and pressure points, no deform, no change to the material properties, no affection to the function of the product

High precision and tight tolerance

High precision and tight tolerance. tolerance can be controlled within 0.03mm, micropore diameter can be 0.03mm, wire diameter can be 0.015mm, uniformity can be +/-0.03mm

Low-Cost and Fast speed

Fast and speed reseach and development ,low development cost, and convenient to modify the design drawing, no need to make expensive molds, etching processing only needs to make film to complete the prototype design; it will not change the metal properties due to heat or mechanical stress during the processing.

Applications of stainless Steel Etching

Stianless Etching_1

ultra-thin stainless steel parts with micro holes

Stianless Etching_4

stainless steel optical grating for printers

Stianless Etching_3

stainless steel shims with half etching

Stianless Etching_2

stainless steel dental bracket parts

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