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Characteristics of Metal Etching Aluminium Materials

Light material, good electrical conductivity, fast heat transfer,easy extension, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance,strong reflectivity, variable performance, anti-magnetization,beautiful appearance, excellent flame retardancy, small toxic side effects,good sound absorption effect.

Advantages of metal etching aluminum:

  • No scratch and no burr - Deburring after cutting aluminum with traditional method is time-consuming and costly. However, an aluminium etching solution can solve the problem by producing scratch-free and burr-free aluminum components.
  • Capability for complex designs - Metal etching aluminum is compatible with complex designs with holes, slits, and spaces at a competitive cost.
  • High precision with a tight tolerance - The tolerance is ±10% of the metal thickness.
  • Rapid for prototypes - With the low-cost and flexible tooling, rapid prototypes can be produced within a couple of days.
metal etching aluminum

main application and Grades of aluminium etching

Application : Speaker grilles,logo plaque and signs ,insect-proof filter screen,aluminium decorative parts,5G signal transmission antenna gaskets,gaskets ,shims ,optical grating ,filter screen mesh ,shower filter ,elevator door.

Grades :Pure aluminum alloy (1000 series), aluminum-manganese alloy (3000 series), aluminum-silicon alloy (4000 series), aluminum-magnesium alloy (5000 series)

What surface treatments can be done on aluminium etching parts?

  1. Sandblasting
    The process of cleaning and roughening the metal surface by the impact of high-speed sand flow. The surface treatment of metal etching aluminum parts in this way can make the surface of the metal etching aluminum parts obtain a certain degree of cleanliness and different roughness, and improve the mechanical properties of the workpiece surface, thus improving the fatigue resistance of the workpiece and increasing the gap between it and the coating. The adhesion force extends the durability of the coating film and is also conducive to the leveling and decoration of the coating. This process is often applied in various products of Apple, and it is also increasingly adopted by existing TV cabinets or middle frames.
  2. Polishing
    Using mechanical, chemical, or electrochemical methods to reduce the surface roughness of the aluminium etching parts to obtain a bright and smooth surface. The polishing processes are mainly divided into mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, and electrolytic polishing. The chemical etching aluminium parts can be close to the mirror effect of stainless steel after mechanical polishing and electrolytic polishing, giving people a sense of minimalism.
  3. Wire drawing
    Wire drawing is the manufacturing process of repeatedly scraping aluminum plates out of lines with sandpaper. Wire drawing can be divided into straight wire drawing, chaotic wire drawing, swirl drawing, thread drawing. The metal wire drawing process can clearly show every minute wire mark, so that the metal matte shines with fine hair luster, and the product has both fashion and technological sense.
  4. Anodizing
    Anodizing refers to the electrochemical oxidation of metals or alloys. In the corresponding electrolyte and specific process conditions, chemical etching aluminum parts and sheets form a layer of oxidation on the aluminum product (anode) under the action of an external current. Anodizing can not only solve the defects of aluminum surface hardness and wear resistance, but also prolong the service life of aluminum and enhance its aesthetics. It has become an indispensable part of aluminum surface treatment and is currently the most widely used and successful process.

Applications of Aluminium Etching

metal etching aluminum

aluminium logo card

aluminium mesh filter

aluminium mesh filter

logo plate with color coating

logo plate with color coating

customized aluminium screen

customized aluminium screen

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