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Photo chemical etching and stamping,which one should I choose for the metal components?

First of all, you should know the main production technologies of photochemical etching and stamp for metal components.

Photochemical etching also called wet etching, the main process is to etch metal raw materials with chemical solutions to get the desired metal shapes.

Stamping is to make the metal plates deformed by high pressure with tools and stamping instruments to get the components that you need.

Comparing to stamping, the preceding processes of photochemical etching are much easier and more competitive, after finished film making, it just takes one or two days with low cost to make out the prototypes of metal components that you need by photochemical etching. For stamping, you should open a new tool to start making the metal components, it takes a long time and high cost for the first period.

If the metal components that you need to meet any one of the following requirements, photochemical etching will be the best choice.

Thin and very small size components, such as microelectronic components, lead frames, encoder discs, medical parts and so on.

The quantity demanded is not so big, because the tooling cost is high and take a long time, for a small quantity, the production cost will be higher than photochemical etching.

High strict requirements of burrs for edges, no burrs, and no scratches are the main advantages of photochemical etching.

High precision requirements for some holes and some other special shapes, the tolerance of photochemical etching is +/-0.02mm.

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