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micro pitch stainless steel 304 metal blade grill for printer

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micro pitch stainless steel 304 metal blade grill for printer

1. What’s the production capacity of TMN for mesh filter?
· TMN has more than 10 years experience in photochemical etching with 4000 square meters workshop and 100 experienced workers and engineers.
· 5 automatic etching production lines with 20 meters long.
· 2 automatic cleaning equipment, 2 automatic coating machines, 6 exposure machines.
· The production capacity of TMN is 20000 sheets/day with dimensions 200*300mm.
· Enough experience of export metal components to the USA, UK, Canada, Korea, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, Russia, Iran, Israel, Austria, Australia and so on.
· Designed metal parts for different industries, such as Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial, Marine, Medical, Military, Electronic, etc.
2. What are the main raw materials of mesh filter by photochemical etching?

Stainless Steel Alloys, Copper Alloys, Brass Alloys, Aluminum Alloys, Nickel Silver, Some other special requested metal materials.
3. What’s the thickness of the raw materials and the tolerance can be reached by photochemical etching?

· Thickness: 0.001 inch to 0.078 inch
· Tolerance : +/- 0.001inch
4. What’s the process for coating/plating after photo etching can be done?
· Nickel plating   1~10μ;   Tin plating   1~10μ;   Ag plating    1~10μ;   Au plating    1~10μ
5. What are the advantages of producing high precision & thin metal shims by photochemical etching?
· Rapid for prototypes without any tools (1~3 days can be finished the prototypes)
· No scratches and no burrs
· Designs can be changed flexibly
· High precision with a small tolerance
6. What’s the mesh filter for samples, and how many samples can be provided for the first time?
· 10PCS samples can be provided for confirmation and 4 days as mesh filter for common materials, if the raw material is special, it will take some days to prepare raw materials.
· For mass production, it is about 10 days after confirming all details.
7. If you want to inquiry TMN, What should you do?
Just need to send an email to lydia.sales1@tmnetch.comwith drawings at the format of DXF, DWG, PDF, 7*24 hours available.

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