10 years experenced brass shim plant

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10 years experenced brass shim plant

  1. Whats the main raw materials of high precision & thin metal shims by photochemical etching?
    · Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel Series
    · Some other special requested metal materials
  2. Whats the thickness of the raw materials and the tolerance can be reached by photochemical etching?
    · Thickness: 0.001 inch to 0.078 inch
    · Tolerance: +/- 0.001inch
  3. Whats the process for coating/plating after photo etching can be done?
    · Nickel plating    1—10μ
    · Tin plating         1—10μ
    · Ag plating         1—10μ
    · Au plating         1—10μ
  4. Whats the advantages of producing high precision & thin metal shims by photochemical etching?
    · Rapid for prototypes without any tools (1--3 days can be finished the prototypes )
    · No scratches and no burrs
    · Designs can be changed flexible
    · High precision with small tolerance
  5. What’s the lead time for samples, and how many samples can be provided for the first time?
    · 10PCS samples can be provided for confirmation and 4 days as lead time for common materials, if the raw material is special, it will take some days to prepare raw materials.
    · For mass production, it is about 10 days after confirmed all details.
  6. What’s the production capacity of TMN for shims?
    · TMN has more than 10 years experience of photochemical etching with 4000 square meters workshop and 100 experienced workers and engineers.
    · 5 automatic etching production lines with 20 meters long.
    · 2 automatic cleaning equipment, 2 automatic coating machines, 6 exposure machines.
    · Production capacity of TMN is 20000 sheets/day with dimensions 200*300mm.
    · Enough experience of export metal components to USA, UK, Canada, Korea, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, Russia, Iran, Israel, Austria, Australia and so on.
    · Designed metal parts for different industries, such as Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial, Marine, Medical, Military, Electronic etc.
  7. If you want to inquiry TMN, What should you do?
    · Just need to send email to lydia.sales1@tmnetch.com with drawings at the format of DXF, DWG, PDF, 7*24 hours is available.

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